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Seven Seas

Added to our catalogue on 30th Oct 2017

Cutie Honey A Go Go! GN (L)

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Cutie Honey A Go Go!  GN (L)

The infamous busty, butt-kicking, crimson-haired android returns in this vibrant re-imagining of the live-action film!

Tokyo is under siege by the terrorist organization known as Panther Claw, and the beautiful superheroine android known as Cutie Honey appears on the scene to take them on—but fails! For her own protection, Cutie Honey must join forces with government agent Natsuko Aki, and pose as student and teacher at St. Chapel Academy. But there is nowhere to hide from Panther Claw and its leader’s evil machinations!

Cutie Honey A Go Go! features story by Nagai and Hideaki Anno and art by Itou Shinpei.

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