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Added to our catalogue on 18th Oct 2002

Tank Vixens: The Card Game (ADULTS) (M)

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Tank Vixens: The Card Game (ADULTS) (M)

Impress girls! Inspire your friends! Achieve enlightenment!

... Great goals, I'm sure! And while you're working on them, why not try the TANK VIXENS Card Game?

Based on the hilarious "Tank Vixens" comic books, this is combat toe-to-toe, suspender to suspender! Many players can gather their teams of babes and try to shatter the egos of the opposing forces, posing the enemy into whimpering submission!

106 cards in gorgeous colour - the most complete funny animal girlie art collection on the planet.

Fast, funny - an absolute scream! More new cards to be released soon.

(Due to bad treatment by UPS when this Card Game was originally delivered, Outter boxes of remaining stock is in tatty condition)

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