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Added to our catalogue on 17th Jun 2002

Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre Vol.1 (M)

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Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre Vol.1 (M)

Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre is a full-color Kung Fu comic set during the Mongol invasion of ancient China. The story follows young WuJi Cheung's growth as a Kung Fu master amidst the frenzied pursuit of two ancient, powerful weapons: Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre. In order to unite his country and overthrow China's Mongol oppressors, WuJi must develop his own formidable powers while understanding both swords' relationship to his parents' legacy. The first volume, coming in August, depicts WuJi's birth to parents from rival clans and his education at the hands of the master swordsman Xie Xun, the Golden-Haired Lion King.

Volume 1 of the ongoing 25 volume series will be full color 120 page graphic novels.

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