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Review of My Hero Academia - Season 1 (Hyb) Blu-ray

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Overall Summary :

Artwork/Design : 5
Story/Plot : 4
Production Quality : 4
Sound Quality5
Value for money : 5


Great Hero story and some original super powers/quirks. My son and I love it, but be warned it's not for the young kids (anyone under 10). Particularly disc 2 as the violence can get brutal and intense.


Not much to complain about. Minor note they messed up the disc numbering on the packaging? Unless number 9 was a recap episode and they left it out. Sometimes lazy story telling in that they flash back stuff you've already seen. Its a long series so don't expect it to finish.

Other Thoughts:

Excellent for anyone who likes super hero type stories whether anime or Marvel, DC etc. Buy it you will love it. I was hooked after episode 1.

Review by AC (More by this author)