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Added to our catalogue on 5th Jul 2013

Yumina the Ethereal DVD-ROM Game (Windows) Adult

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Yumina the Ethereal DVD-ROM Game (Windows) Adult

Midorishita Yumina, a female student attending Jinbu Academy, is seemingly unable to improve her poor grades despite her earnest studying. A dangerous school life awaited her, as she just barely passed her tests with the minimum score required. However, on the day of a very important exam, Yumina got into an argument with her classmate Akashima Ayumu, and accidentally pushed him through a third-story window. Fortunately Ayumu was unhurt, but in the confusion Yumina missed her test and was doomed to repeat the school year...
But Yumina refused to accept her fate. Blaming Ayumu for her getting held back, she forced him to help her as she frantically searched the school for some way to reverse the decision. And then, the mysterious upper classman, Kurokawa Kirara, made herself known.
Kirara recommended that Yumina enter the "Student Council War" to avoid her fate. The Student Council War is a massive election held to decide the student chairman, and the winner also receives "the right to freely change any single school regulation."
Spurred on by Kirara's provocation, Yumina forcibly dragged Ayumu along with her as she decided to enter the Student Council War...
Thus begins the journey of Yumina, Ayumu, and their friends to win the Student Council War. Starting off as a seemingly mundane competition, as the game's protagonist Ayumu you end up traveling to other dimensions with Yumina and other female classmates, forming bonds of affection and romance in an innovative combination of ADV and JRPG gameplay.
Features include dozens of hours of immersive gameplay, thousands of graphics, Super Robot Wars-style RPG combat, dungeon crawling exploration, and of course tons of hot ecchi romantic action once you choose the object of your desire!

Spoken Languages: Japanese, English subtitles.

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