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Added to our catalogue on 1st Apr 2016

(USA)Wagnaria!! 3 Volume 2 (S) Blu-ray

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USA/Region 1 disk and requires a compatible or multi-region player.

Wagnaria!! 3 Volume 2 (S) Blu-ray

Sota Takanashi, who loves all things small, one day got invited to work at the family restaurant WAGNARIA by Popura Taneshima, an upperclassman at school. There, he discovered all kinds of eccentric characters that turned his working experience into something unexpected. What kind of dangerous comedy awaits Sota and his coworkers at WAGNARIA today?

The family issue of Yamada has been resolved...or so Kirio thought. Now Yamada won't call Kirio her big brother and now it's up to Kirio to make things the way it used to be. And at the Takanashi house, a certain person has returned home and it's causing the the whole family to go through all kind of emotions. Back at WAGNARIA, Yachiyo overhears Sato's decision to quit and decides to seek out Popura's help...

Also, Sota and Mahiru finally go on a date but Mahiru's overprotective father returns yet again. What's going to happen for Mahiru and Sota...?

Wagnaria!!3 Volume 2 contains episodes 8-13 plus the one-hour special final episode "Lord of the Takanashi." Collectible illustration postcards, clear BD cases with 2-sided wraps.

Spoken Languages: Japanese with English subtitles.

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