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Added to our catalogue on 12th Aug 2016

Kara No Shojo 2 Limited Edition DVD-ROM (Windows) Adult

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Kara No Shojo 2 Limited Edition DVD-ROM (Windows) Adult

The limited edition of Kara no Shojo: The Second Episode contains a limited edition slipcase, a two disc set containing both the game and the original soundtrack featuring 11 selected tracks, and two-sided DVD and soundtrack covers.

In the period known as "pre-war," when Japan was taking its first steps into conflict... In the snowy mountains of the west, there is a settlement called Hitogata. In this place, with its strange custom of worshipping a clay doll called Hinna-sama, a woman is killed on the night of a festival.

The villagers unanimously refer to this incident as "Hinna-sama's Curse." They say that she was cursed for worshiping Hinna-sama despite being unworthy.

December, 1957. It's been almost two years since Kuchiki Toko was abducted from her hospital room. Tokisaka Reiji's sister, Yukari, saves a man attempting to commit suicide. The man is a victim of "Hinna-sama's Curse," which has resurfaced in the present...

Tokisaka Reiji acts to sever the delusions that span the war. All the while carrying his own delusions about Toko in his heart... At the same time, a religious group that was thought to have disbanded six years ago begins to move again. What could it be scheming? Even if Heaven brings down a curse, it is human hands that enact it.

The goal of Innocent Grey's Kara no Shoujo 2 is the same as its predecessor, Kara no Shoujo -- for the player to investigate and deduce the mystery, leading the case to its conclusion.

This game is also the largest and most intricate of IG's games yet, with a fully voiced cast, including the protagonist. The Detective System has evolved with each entry in the series. The Detective System largely consists of these four parts: "Story," "Exploration," "Investigation," and "Deduction." Each part is seamlessly integrated into the story, creating an enjoyable "game," rather than merely a "visual novel."

1. Story. The main part of the game, where conventional text and choices advance the plot.
2. Exploration. The player can travel to raise characters' event flags and gather information.
3. Investigation. The player investigates things like crime scenes directly by clicking the screen.
4. Deduction. The player deduces things using the information gained in 1 through 3.

Notebook System

Character List. Profiles and characteristics of the characters. Updates over the course of the story and serves as options for choices in the Deduction.
Evidence List. A record of the information and evidence obtained during the investigation. Allows the player to verify the state of the investigation and serves as options for choices in the Deduction.
Investigation Notes. Updates when the investigation progresses or when incidents occur. Allows the player to verify the basic course of the story.
Map. Allows the player to verify the places related to incidents and the main characters' area of activities.
Correlation Chart. A correlation chart displaying the complex relationships between characters. Updates over the course of the story.

PC Specs:
Required CPU: Pentium 4 1.4GHz 
Recommended CPU: Pentium 4 2.0GHz 
Required Memory: 512MB 
Recommended Memory: 1024MB 
Required Resolution: 1280×720 
Required Colors: 32bit Color 
Sounds: DirectSound PCM Compatible 
Required Graphics: 64MB 
Recommended Graphics: 128MB 
Required HDD Free Space: 5GB 
DirectX: DirectX 9.0+ 

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