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Added to our catalogue on 7th May 2001

(USA)Transformers: Villains (D)

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USA/Region 1 disk and requires a compatible or multi-region player.

Transformers: Villains (D)

The Ultimate Doom Parts 1-3 Megatron plots to bring Cybertron into Earth's orbit, and harness the resulting destructive energy. With the help of a human scientist, he plans to use hypnotized humans to assist him. Sparkplug is captured as a guinea pig for the experiment and is the one to press the button bringing Cybertron into Earth's orbit.

On Earth, the Autobots are plotting to rescue Sparkplug and journey to Cybertron. While there, Wheeljack develops a countermeasure for the 'hypno-chips' which are making the humans serve the Decepticons. The Autobots then target Megatron's ship that is loaded with energon. But if they ship is ravished, it will result in an explosion powerful enough to destroy the Earth!

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