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Added to our catalogue on 28th Mar 2017

Sabrina Online 'The Tail of Two Decades' Collection (Hardback)

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Sabrina Online 'The Tail of Two Decades' Collection (Hardback)

This book series returns to publish the another 10 years of popular monthly Internet comic strip.
Follow Sabrina (World's favourite web site mistress skunk girl) and friends (WAY to many to list) as they explore more of life's adventures comparing fact and fiction.

Special 148 pages 8.5x11 Hardback Edition.
Collection covering issue 11 to 14 of comics books and unprinted 6 years of Sabrina online comic strips, plus extra features including "A Brief History of Sabrina Online", "Toy Ventures Toy Comics".

Created, written, and drawn by Eric W. Schwartz with extra artwork from many other talented guest artists.


Rating : 4.0 / 5
Full Book Review by Fred Patten (Spoiler alert)
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Rating : 4.3 / 5
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