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Added to our catalogue on 9th Nov 2012

Hanachirasu DVD-ROM Game (Windows) Adult

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Hanachirasu DVD-ROM Game (Windows) Adult

Hanachirasu is a visual novel game, in which the player lives out a "sword opera" story by Narahara Ittetsu. This game is 100% uncensored for full enjoyment of the erotic interactive story. Story
In an alternate version of history, World War 2 ended not via nuclear strike, but after a slow land war and occupation of Japan's northern and southern islands. Years later, violent uprisings on the main island of Honshu caused the establishment of martial law and led to the disbanding of the government and the banning of all firearms. By the 21st century, the sword is the weapon of highest power in an isolated, corrupt Tokyo.
You portray master swordsman Takeda Akane, a young man driven by the desire to confront his rival in this dystopia no matter what the cost.

Spoken Languages: English.

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