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Added to our catalogue on 25th Aug 2005

Honey Mustard 3 GN (PM)

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Honey Mustard 3 GN (PM)

The drama continues as the previously distant Young-Woo and Ara are drawn closer together when Young-Woo's parents move into their roof-top apartment temporarily. Meanwhile, Hanil, having learned of Ara's plight, believes he is to blame and seeks to take responsibility for Ara's situation. One day, Ara runs into Hanil, and after he offers to take care of her Ara tells Hanil that she loves him. Unaware of the benign nature of their conversation, Young-Woo sees them together and figures Ara has been seeing Hanil behind his back. What will happen to Young-Woo and Ara's marriage?

Story and Art by Ho-Kyung Yeo.

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