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Added to our catalogue on 25th Jul 2003

Fangs of K'aath 2: Guardians of Light (Novel)

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Fangs of K'aath 2: Guardians of Light (Novel)

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The compelling sequel to "Fangs of K'aath".

In the years since the crowning of Shah Raschid, a brilliant new kingdom of light has been born. The land of Osra has become a place of scholars and invention - a land reborn into freedom. She has become the focus of a new age, and the hope of a better world.

Queen Sandhri, Queen Yariim and Shah Raschid are making a realm of peace - and are becoming a family. But gathering in the northern steppes, there is a military might that is beginning to engulf the world. Exiles of the old order, and fanatics drawn to a new messiah, are spreading out to swallow nations one by one. It is a terror born of something ancient - something that has waited through long ages to be reborn.

In the face of personal anguish and disaster, Sandhri, Raschid and Yariim must decide to make a stand against evil, or to bow before it and survive.

A scholar prince, a dancer and a storyteller must face an ancient, patient enemy. If they fail - the kingdom of light will fall, and slavery will descend forever upon the world of Aku-Mashad... and survive.

337 pages written by Paul Kidd with over 27 Illustrations by Monika Livingstone.

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