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Added to our catalogue on 30th Dec 2004

Doubt!! 3 GN (PM)

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Doubt!! 3 GN (PM)

Another one of S’s (Ai’s sort-of-boyfriend) many ex-girlfriends shows up: Kyoka, a totally beautiful college lady. For the first time, Ai feels truly threatened, but she overcomes her doubts and decides to fight back.

In another episode, S spends the holidays in a luxury hotel, and the gang - Ai, So’s best friend Kato, and Mina the ganguro - decide to visit him there. But they feel awkward in such a fancy place, so they go shopping for the best brand-name clothes they can find.

Ai, all dressed up, ends up going to the wrong hotel room, and gets mistaken for a "paid date." Here comes S to the rescue...

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