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Added to our catalogue on 11th May 2012

Creator's Labo: NenNen Scaled Figure

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Creator's Labo: NenNen Scaled Figure

A great collaboration between the most prominent Japanese illustrator - Shunya Yamashita and one of the most popular Japanese sculptors - Mitsumasa Yoshizawa (REFLECT) has done it again! A creation of a new master piece after a long absence! This China Girl - Nen-Nen (the elder sister of the beloved and very popular "Non-Non" ) is coming out in this autumn. Unlike Non-Non, Nen-Nen is an easy going girl at slow tempo.

The character design by Shunya Yamashita and the expression of the Sculpture by Mitsumasa Yoshizawa fused together and a new sublime figure in another dimension is born! Posing in an adorable but fluid like motion makes this figure very lively one!

Size: appx. 265mm tall

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