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Added to our catalogue on 22nd Apr 2004

Crazy Love Story 1 GN (PM)

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Crazy Love Story 1 GN (PM)

Hae Jung Shin - a top student in her high school - leads a twisted and bizarre alternate life that no one could possibly imagine. After losing her mother, she's embittered by life and continuously feels victimized by the world.

Her boyfriend, Jimmy, provides Hae Jung a sense of security despite their volatile relationship. Together they create a dysfunctional 'crazy' world, wherein they learn about the innocence and insanity of love.

Enter Sung Moon Jin, an aspiring singer and fellow classmate of Hae Jung's and Jimmy's. He's always been infatuated with her from afar and when he finally meets her, he's determined to win her heart at any cost while at the same time recognizing that she lives in a world he can't relate to ... although that doesn't stop him from trying to come between Hae Jung and her boyfriend.

Bo Na, self-proclaimed 'best friend' of Hae Jung and part of their 'crazy' clique helps them make a fool out of Sung Moo, all for the sake of pure entertainment.

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