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Added to our catalogue on 25th Oct 2005

Brave Soul CDRom Game (Windows) Adult

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Brave Soul CDRom Game (Windows) Adult

It is a world very different from ours, a world in which magic exists, a world of kings and warriors and of great deeds. It is a place in which an adventurer, armed with a sword and his own courage, can find his fortune and his dream at the same time.

When your father disinherits you for laziness, telling you to go out into the world and become a man, a chance encounter with a girl in distress alters your destiny forever. The mysterious female, Alicia, bears a striking resemblance to the vision-woman you saw several times in your youth, a beautiful woman who appeared with the full moon and spoke to you: "Thank you." You've always called this strange woman the "Moon Goddess" in your mind. The girl Alicia, joins you and your faithful dragon Schell, and the three of you head for the town of Subenia, and adventure.

Alicia and Schell aid you as you quest to join the Hunters' Guild and become a full Hunter, and the three of you encounter many other characters and overcome many obstacles. As the game unfolds, you encounter others who can join your party as you explore the countryside and take on many challenges and campaigns. Who is the Moon Goddess, and why does she appear only on the night of the full moon? And what was the meaning of her words of thanks in your vision? All will be made clear in time.

System Requirements: Windows 95, 98, Me, 2000 - Pentium 166 mhz or higher (266 or higher recommended).

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