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Added to our catalogue on 1st Feb 2013

Amorous Professor Cherry/I'm Gonna Nurse You 1-2 DVD-ROM Game Adult (Windows)

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Amorous Professor Cherry/I'm Gonna Nurse You 1-2 DVD-ROM Game Adult (Windows)

Amorous Professor Cherry
I'm Kouta Koikawa, and I'm having a problem with my studies. It's not that my classmates' ruckus bothers me; I sit at the front of the room to avoid their antics. The real problem is my social studies professor, Chieri Hase. From the day she started teaching here I haven't been able to keep my eyes off her!
She's a rookie teacher, but I'm captivated by every movement of her beautiful body. I can't work up the nerve to confess my feelings - I'm her student, after all, and I'm sure she wouldn't find this sort of forbidden love to be proper... Until one day when fate brings us together in an encounter that changes our lives forever.
ZyX and G-Collections present Amorous Professor Cherry, where you take the role of Kouta in his quest for true love, torn between three beautiful women vying for your attention: the clumsy yet pure and good-hearted Chieri, her flirtatious and fun-loving math professor colleague Mamiko, and the university idol Kiyoka. Who will end up winning your affections in this sexy romp through co-ed campus life? Only your choices can find the answer! Includes dozens of possible erotic scenes - some with full animation!

I'm Gonna Nurse You
Dr. Nakagawa is a pediatrician at St. Michael's Hospital. Having recently graduated from med-school, he is still very inexperienced, but it all seems like a dream come true.
Kaede, Nakagawa's foster mother, calls him in to work as a substitute teacher at her nursing school. The word has it that one of the teachers had an emergency and won't be able to teach for a while - thus yielding a job opening. The best thing about the opening is that it happens to be working with a number of attractive, young, and horny nurses...

I'm Gonna Nurse You 2: Is the Sorority House Burning?
Eiji is a somewhat faith-challenged priest at a catholic school for young nurses. When a panty thief helps himself to the underwear in the girls' dorm, Maria asks him to help put a stop to it by moving into the dorm himself. Although he tries to be the best person he can be, the thought of living alongside all those young nurses-in-training is enough to really get his juices flowing.

Spoken Languages: Japanese, English subtitles.

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