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Review of Welcome to Succubus High 1 GN (PM)

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Overall Summary : Fan-service, nothing less and certainly nothing more

Artwork/Design : 4
Story/Plot : 2
Production Quality : 4
Value for money : 3


Nice art-style. Clear, crisp and without the tons of tonal grading some artists are overly fond of.
Great fanservice.


Protagonist that's wetter than the Atlantic ocean. All bar one girl are boob-monsters (does no-one in manga these days have sensibly proportioned boobs?). The protagonist shows no spine (Yuki Rito is a bastion of mental fortitude by comparison). The girls make no effort at all to normalise relations with the 'ambassador', instead just head straight into dom mode.
It's largely just a sub-dom cringefest

Other Thoughts:

This counts for volume 2 as well, but so far we have a rag-tag collection of dislikable characters in a sub-dom fetish comedy manga. The attempt to infer a back-story early on fails as it's effectively a 1 frame reference. Murenase Shiton Gakuen handles a similar thing far better.

Review by Paprika (More by this author)