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Review of Another Collection (Hyb) Blu-Ray

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Overall Summary : Missing Episode

Artwork/Design : 5
Story/Plot : 5
Production Quality : 5
Sound Quality5
Value for money : 1


This review is more about the content on the disks rather than the show itself, Personally I love this show and that is why I'm giving this "collection" a 1/5. Please note I have used the word "collection", as it is listed in the title, I have not mentioned this is a "complete series".


Why? Well, as you may have noticed, this contains episodes 1-12 plus some utterly pointless extra's.... of a 13 episode series. Yes, its missing an Episode, a very important background story based episode that is fundamental to fully enjoying this series. Why? Well I can only guess Sentai didn't license the final episode in the US so MVM wasn't able to get it for their UK release

Other Thoughts:

Should you still buy this series? YES!! but please understand the episode "0 (OVA) "The Other""Inga" (因果)" is NOT included in this release.
(please note: I believed this 13th episode was fundamental to the story, others may not. as this is a matter off opinion, like most reviews, please do further research on this matter before skipping this otherwise brilliant series)

Would you recommend this title: Yes
Review by Shadowcat (More by this author)